COVID announcements badly mishandled

Jan 11, 2021

COVID announcements badly mishandled

Jan 11, 2021

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk’s preference for making announcements about COVID-19 restrictions “on the fly” has been slammed by Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto who says it is causing “confusion and chaos”. 

Mr Dametto said he was frustrated the Premier continued to make sweeping announcements via press conference, media statement and social media without providing the exact detail needed for people travelling throughout the state. 

“This way of announcing new restrictions has now happened several times and is done before the government’s website is updated with details of the new restrictions. It means both myself and my staff cannot provide clear answers when constituents call our office seeking clarification, Mr Dametto said. 

“It’s just unprofessional and illogical. The Premier should not be making major announcements that disrupt people’s movements without first ensuring all the necessary detail is available publicly. I don’t understand why she persists with doing this. 

“It’s often the case that many MPs are finding out via press conference or media statement about a new restriction or guideline without being provided with the specifics in order to keep their constituents updated on the changes.” 

Mr Dametto said the most recent example of the Premier’s mishandling of announcing COVID restrictions was her three-day lockdown announcement on Friday before the government website had been updated. 

“It just sends people into a panic. There’s no detail, they’re confused about what they can and can’t do. Often times my staff are forced to contact the Health Minister’s office directly for clarification. It slows down what should be a straight-forward process of giving people the information they need to know,” he said. 

Mr Dametto said he would write to the Premier to highlight his concerns and hoped there would be better co-ordination for future announcements related to COVID-19 restrictions.  

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