Frequently Asked Questions

Is Katter’s Australian Party really a party, isn’t it just Bob Katter?

Answer: Bob Katter is the reason Katter’s Australian Party started, but Bob has created a party to ensure regional Australia has a voice for decades to come. Katter’s Australian Party has four Members of Parliament (MPs). We have Bob Katter in Federal Parliament, representing the Kennedy electorate. In Queensland State Parliament, we have three MPs: Robbie Katter, Member for Traeger; Shane Knuth, Member for Hill; and Nick Dametto, Member for Hinchinbrook.

Is it true that Katter’s Australian Party Members of Parliament can vote however they like?

Answer: KAP is proud that it encourages its MPs to vote in the best interests of their electorate. As long as KAP MPs vote in line with the party’s core values and principles and in the best interests of their electorate, they have the freedom to vote with their conscience.

I want to get involved, how can I do that?

Answer: There are lots of ways you can get involved. We encourage anyone who agrees with KAPs core values and principles to become a member and join or start a branch. KAP values its branches and their input. Our branches help ensure our MPs are focused on issues that people really care about. If you would like more information on getting involved, please contact our team on 07 4401 5037.

I want to make a donation, but I want to keep my donation anonymous.

Answer: Donations are what keep KAP alive. Donations under $1000 can be made anonymously under the current reporting rules. We would encourage you to at least let our head office team know who the donation is coming from, as we like to phone our donors to thank them for their contribution.

Please keep in mind, that if your donations to KAP total $1000 or more, we then need to report to the Electoral Commission Queensland who has made the donation/s. For example, if you make one donation in a year to us of $950, we tell the ECQ we have received a donation, but we are not required to tell them who made the donation (because it is less than $1000).

If you make two donations to us in a year, for example one donation of $500 and another donation of $600, because the total amount is more than $1000, we have to tell the ECQ who made those donations to us.

We take our reporting responsibilities seriously. If you would like more information on this before making a donation, please call our friendly team and they can talk you through how it works.