What We Stand For

A fair go

All Australians deserve a fair go, and Katter’s Australian Party stands for policies that make this happen.

Putting Australia's interests first

Governments are accountable to the Australian people for the management of outcomes that protect and enhance both the social and economic fabric of the Australian people and the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation.

Making sure regional and rural Australia gets its fair share

Katter’s Australian Party is sick of seeing capital cities get more than their fair share while regional Australia is expected to contribute but gets little to nothing in return. KAP fights to make sure regional and rural Australia get their fair share of funding.

Christian values

Modern Australia was founded on Christian values and a responsibility to one’s fellow man. This heritage belongs to all Australians and defines the culture of the nation. The ideals for Australian society and government should be based upon these principles.

Encouraging the development of every person’s talents and skills

Katter’s Australian Party believes in creating policies and thus an environment that nurtures individual initiative, and the development of every person’s, and especially children’s, talents and skills to the maximum.


Closing the coal industry, a national security threat – Katter

The do-no-gooders and the Lilly-pad Lefties are running around screaming for the closure of the coal industry. Do they seriously think we are going to tell India, China and the rest of Asia that they can't buy any of our coal? There is no way that India can afford $90...

Carrot and stick measures needed to improve rural health delivery

Carrot and stick measures needed to improve rural health delivery

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter, says ‘carrot and stick measures’ are needed to improve rural and regional health delivery, including increased bulk billing rebates for rural and regional general practitioners (GPs) based on remoteness, and incentives and directives to attract...

People of regional queensland (PORQ)

Amy Aquilini

Amy Aquilini

In September of 2013, I had a traumatic quad bike accident, that left me with a brachical plexus injury to my right arm and a traumatic brain injury. I spent quite a bit of time at the Townsville hospital in recovery. I’m so grateful for the team there. I spent a fair...


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