What We Stand For

A fair go

All Australians deserve a fair go, and Katter’s Australian Party stands for policies that make this happen.

Putting Australia's interests first

Governments are accountable to the Australian people for the management of outcomes that protect and enhance both the social and economic fabric of the Australian people and the sovereignty and independence of the Australian nation.

Making sure regional and rural Australia gets its fair share

Katter’s Australian Party is sick of seeing capital cities get more than their fair share while regional Australia is expected to contribute but gets little to nothing in return. KAP fights to make sure regional and rural Australia get their fair share of funding.

Christian values

Modern Australia was founded on Christian values and a responsibility to one’s fellow man. This heritage belongs to all Australians and defines the culture of the nation. The ideals for Australian society and government should be based upon these principles.

Encouraging the development of every person’s talents and skills

Katter’s Australian Party believes in creating policies and thus an environment that nurtures individual initiative, and the development of every person’s, and especially children’s, talents and skills to the maximum.


Katter dismisses coalition reinsurance pool plug

A sceptical Bob Katter, KAP Federal Member for Kennedy has dismissed the claims made by several coalition MPs this week that a reinsurance pool to tackle high insurance prices in the north is likely to happen, saying “we will believe it when we see it.” Mr Katter has...

Hunting dogs up for discussion in Labor’s review

Hunting dogs up for discussion in Labor’s review

The worst fears of feral pest hunters have been realised after the State Labor Government revealed the use of dogs for pig hunting could be discussed under its review of animal welfare laws. In a letter to Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto, Agricultural Industry...

Wired up! Six mid-western towns receive telecommunications funding

Wired up! Six mid-western towns receive telecommunications funding

Kennedy MP, Bob Katter, has praised the Federal Government for providing $4.6 million to upgrade the telecommunications issues in six mid-western towns. The funding is part of the $90 million Regional Connectivity Program which is used to address digital connectivity...