Gel blasting industry on the rise

Jul 14, 2021

Gel blasting industry on the rise

Jul 14, 2021

HINCHINBROOK MP Nick Dametto, fights for law abiding gel blaster owners as he re-iterates that gel blasters are a toy, not a weapon. 

“In my opinion gel blasters look very similar to the toy guns you can buy in a children’s toy store. Will the Government start banning those next because they look like a weapon?” 

Insiders have estimated the industry is worth up to $200 million in Queensland and participation numbers in gel blasting leagues are increasing. [1] 

The industry is thriving by providing jobs for Queenslanders and encouraging people to join a sport within their local community. 

“I urge the Government not to follow the steps of other states like Western Australia for example, where when found in possession one is subject to three years in prison of a fine up to $36,000. 

“In North Queensland, for many people gel blasting is a hobby, sport or way to socialise. The Government should not be targeting the majority who are law abiding gel blaster owners. 

“It is the people who are making poor choices that are impacting the public’s perception of gel blasters. 

“There are tough penalties for those who misuse gel blasters and that has my full support.  

“The gel blasting community are satisfied with the status quo and do not want the regulations to amend to align with other states of Australia. 

“I acknowledge and thank the Queensland Police Minister, Mark Ryan for his imperfect, but balanced approach to gel blasters in the state of Queensland.  

The Katter Australian Party fights for fair share, freedom and fun. My KAP colleagues and I will continue to support the gel blasting industry in Queensland to protect people’s rights and freedoms.