Holgate payout admission of Government guilt

Aug 4, 2021

Holgate payout admission of Government guilt

Aug 4, 2021

ACCORDING to KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, Christine Holgate’s settlement with Australia Post is an admission of the Federal Government’s guilt over condemning the former CEO publicly, in the Parliament, which then generated weeks of nationwide media brutality.

Mr Katter said that the only sins that the history books will record on this case will be that of the complicit LNP Government and ALP Opposition.

“This payout is an admission by the Government of their impropriety. As usual, the ALP supported them on this –the usual bipartisan sell off our country –but mostly it is an admission by the Federal Government that they were totally in the wrong. It was a wrong dismissal. If it was a resignation, then she would have had no case.”

“Christine Holgate never resigned. She offered her resignation, it wasn’t accepted, and then she withdrew her resignation,” Mr Katter said. 

“To continue hearing the Minister and Government claim that was bloody outrageous and that is why I flew into the Chamber during Question Time and gave the Minister a serve for claiming Holgate resigned.

“It would be interesting to see how many Christine Holgates exist over the last 30 years, victimised by the hands of this rabid obsessed ideology.”

 Mr Katter said the Australian people only own three significant assets; the NBN, the Snowy Mountains Scheme and Australia Post and that Christine Holgate was integral to preserving the national postal service as a people-owned entity.

“So the ‘sins’ of Holgate are a) that she tenaciously opposed the sell off the nation’s assets by the Government –not the Parliament –the Government, b) that she was determined to keep the postal agencies owner/operator businesses, c) turning Australia Post into a profit making corporation meaning there was no case for a sell off, d) that she was committed to taking Australia Post into banking and providing the Australian people with a vitally needed policeman over banking, and e) that she took a 90% pay cut.”

 “The only reason that Australia Post hasn’t been privatised is because Christine Holgate was determined that this asset would not be sold from under the Australian people. “Let me be clear, history will record the sins that were made here but they won’t be her sins. They will heap the appropriate upon the LNP and the ALP, the people who have sold off every single asset in this country. Whether it was Qantas, Telstra, the Commonwealth Bank, the Ports or the Airports –they sold it all and spent the money on buying votes to get themselves re-elected.

“Even though she described it as a de facto sacking when she offered her resignation, it was given to a Board led by a person whose attributes would be more useful as a postman’s dog protector; but I’m not being fair to postman dog protectors by saying that.

 “Let the corporate capitalists CEO ruling class that controls the ALP and LNP, let them know that like every ruling class, eventually they will be destroyed,” Mr Katter warned.

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