Katter released defence review years ago and for free, calls for parliament debate

Apr 24, 2023

KATTER’S Australian Party MP Bob Katter is ready to pull the trigger on past foolish defence spending, calling for an emergency parliamentary debate to determine who was responsible for previous failures, following a Defence Strategic Review which echoes his countless cries of years gone by.

Mr Katter said he wasn’t surprised the Defence Strategic Review found that “Australia was not ready for conflict with China” after years of passionately screaming the exact same message.

“The review says we need major spending on long-range missiles… well thank you for spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money to determine that, when a nobody like me has been passionately and endlessly telling you for years,” Mr Katter said.

“Now it was criminal to spend over $40bn on 15 patrol boats that carry one machine gun on each boat,” he said of the Turnbull Government’s decision to build offshore Navy patrol vessels.

“I’ll be moving for an emergency debate in the Federal Parliament on this issue – on the spending of the $40bn, on who made the decision, and what you’re now doing to protect your country.

“And we don’t want any more inquiries or ‘looking into it’, we’ll debate it publicly.”

Mr Katter said he was happy to save the government time and money from future reviews and remind the country’s leaders of the importance of sovereign manufacturing and North Queensland’s role in any potential conflict with China.

“To this date we have not spent a single dollar to manufacture missiles domestically – all the money goes overseas.

“Yet I’ve been advised we have missile manufacturing capability right here in Australia, ready to go. I’m calling on the government to spend taxpayer’s money on local defence manufacturing.

“And we have the most exposed coastline of any country in the world. This battle with China will take place in the Coral Sea – we must sure up our military presence with these missiles across North Queensland and Northern Australia’s coast lines.

“So if you want to protect this country and do it right, I’ve been told those patrol boats have the capacity to arm at least 30 missiles each.

“It is my opinion that there should be 70 or 80 patrol boats because that will give you a reach of nearly 2000km – a protective wall.”

Mr Katter also reiterated his past calls to restore the nationwide mandatory school cadets program.