Crocodile Management

KAP values human life above crocodiles.

KAP’s Safer Waterways Bill addresses the very real issue of Queensland’s exploding crocodile population.

These increased crocodile numbers affect public safety and threaten the agricultural, fisheries and tourism industries on which our regional economy depends.

KAP’s Safer Waterways Bill puts greater value on human life than the lives of crocodiles, and seeks to responsibly reduce the risk of crocodile attacks.

It aims to eliminate crocodiles from our waterways that pose a threat to human life, while protecting crocodiles from becoming endangered as a species.

The Safer Waterways Bill gives landowners power to manage crocodiles on their land.

It would also legalise crocodile egg harvesting in Queensland, which has been successfully implemented in the Northern Territory.

This, among other economic strategies, encourages the protection and breeding of crocodiles in areas they are able to live with no threat to human life.