Statement from Robbie Katter MP – Gas prices

Jun 3, 2022

Statement from Robbie Katter MP – Gas prices

Jun 3, 2022

The enormous price being paid for gas in Australia at present is outrageous.

For more than 10 years, the Katter’s Australian Party have been the lone wolves in the State and Federal Parliaments in saying we need a national gas reserve policy.

We have advocated that it’s the right of the Australian people, and our industries, to have some of this vital commodity saved for us before it is sent overseas to provide a massive profit for the major, multi-national gas companies.

The free marketeers from the Liberal and the Labor parties have both insisted over the last two decades that we open up our gas markets with little regulation and sell it all overseas for a pittance in royalties.

Now we’re in this position.

These decisions have killed off industries and jobs, and denied us all the opportunity for more industrial growth. We are all poorer for this most fundamental of policy failures. 

We used to pay around $3-4 per gigajoule for gas in Australia and now it’s spiking up to $30 per gigajoule.

To the major parties: well done, you idiots – we told you this would happen.

This is precisely why we needed a gas reserve policy all along.